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Thank you for choosing HandiFox™!


Increase your productivity with HandiFox, the new handheld application from Tecom Group. With HandiFox, you can use a handheld computer (PDA) with barcode scanning capabilities to improve accuracy and decrease time for inventory counting and purchase order receiving operations. You can also create sales orders and invoices, accept payments, and print reports from the handheld. You can now accurately track the quantity of inventory items and transfer inventory held in multiple locations, sell and purchase items for the location. At the same time, you can continue using QuickBooks® on your desktop computer for these activities.


HandiFox has three main components:


1.The application on a handheld (PDA device). HandiFox supports up to 99 handhelds. Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5 are supported Motorola handhelds and Android 2.x or 4.x devices are recommended, see System Requirements). This application allows the user to:
Perform Inventory Counting (counting of all or selected inventory items).
Check items' quantities on each location.
Move items internally from one location to another.
Create and receive purchase orders (partially or in full).
Manage Inventory items (find appropriate item, view its details and edit barcodes).
Manage customers (create and edit ).
Taking sales orders and sales receipts from customers.
Deliver Orders to customers (create invoices with customer's signature)
Accept payments from customers
Generate sales reports


2.Desktop module, which consists of:
Handheld synchronization service. It provides synchronization between multiple handheld devices.
QuickBooks synchronization service. It provides synchronization between a handheld device and the QuickBooks application running on a desktop computer.
System monitor. It appears as gray, yellow, or red HandiFox icon in the system tray at the bottom right corner of the Windows display, depending on monitor's status. It allows the user to:
-Start/stop handheld connection.
-Start/stop connection with QuickBooks.
-View Log. This window works in two modes:
Show all details (shows all errors, warnings and handheld synchronization sessions with timestamp, device ID and status).
Show errors and warnings only.
-Register a new license file.
-View "About" page. View information about the HandiFox system (name and version of software, licensing information).
-Exit HandiFox System Monitor.


3.QuickBooks Integrated Module. In QuickBooks it is accessed by clicking on the File menu and selecting the HandiFox sub-menu. It consists of the  following windows:
Assign Purchase Order (assign the location where you want to receive purchase order) (available in Multi-Location Mode only).
Barcodes List (view, generate, edit and print barcodes for inventory items).
Counting Sessions (view, void and apply counting sessions created on handheld).
Create Mobile Location's Inventory List (populate the inventory list for each location with the items you intend managing on the location) (available in Multi-Location Mode only).
Customize Reports (view and edit reports templates)
Export/Import (export and import barcodes, user and device information and quantities on each location to avoid need to reenter data in case of reinstall desktop application)
Generate Purchase Order (automatically generate purchase orders based on item's sales information).
Handheld Device Manager (manage the list of handheld devices, assign devices to the locations).
Handheld User Manager (create, edit and delete handheld users).
Inventory Transactions by Location (check transactions that affect items' quantity on hand by location) (available in Multi-Location Mode only).
Mobile Locations Manager (create, edit and delete Mobile locations) (available in Multi-Location Mode only).
QOH Viewer (check and adjust quantities on each location) (available in Multi-Location Mode only).
Settings (configure HandiFox settings).
Transfer Center (move inventory items from one location to another) (available in Multi-Location Mode only).
Transfer Discrepancy Report (analyze transfers for discrepancies by location) (available in Multi-Location Mode only).
View/Print Invoice (view and print invoices with customer's signature).