HandiFox Online Pro is Out!

HandiFox Online Pro is Out!

January 09, 2017

A Top 10 $100K Small Business App Showdown Finalist, HandiFox has released HandiFox Online Pro version – now available on Google Play.

HandiFox Online Pro features a cloud based inventory control and sales management system designed to help small to midsize inventory businesses manage warehouse and in- the-field sales operations more efficiently. HandiFox Online syncs with QuickBooks Online and considerably extends its inventory-related functionality by adding some advanced features.

Here is a quick feature overview of the Pro version:

  • Inventory/Service Items. View product information and check QOH values on your mobile device
  • Barcoding. Identify and track your inventory using barcode scanning. Inventory Counts, Transfers, populating Purchase Orders is much easier with the app’s barcoding capabilities
  • Inventory Counting. Perform mobile barcode scans to have the items automatically counted up
  • Create / Edit Purchase Order. Create new Purchase Orders by scanning required items or edit existing Purchase Orders
  • Receive Purchase Order. Receive inventory against open Purchase Orders
  • Multi-Location Tracking. Keep track of inventory at multiple locations (warehouses, trucks, stores)
  • Inventory Transfers. Easily move inventory between your facilities. Any inventory movement will be automatically tracked by our Transfers system.
  • Customer. Create, view, and edit customers on mobile devices
  • Enter sales orders and invoices
  • Pick and pack items for sales orders
  • Capture customer signatures on invoices
  • Print transactions. Print sales orders, invoices, and more - right from a mobile device

Start your free 14-day trial now at handifox.online. More on how HandiFox Online complements QuickBooks Online is in this blog post. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at sales@handifox.com.